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Integrated Solutions for Musculoskeletal Care

About Us

The Next Generation in Clinical Care

Anamatix is a web-based clinical care solution that provides three basic methods for slowing the trends in health care spending by increasing: the efficiency of health care delivery; the administrative controls on the use of services; and the resources available to the health care system. All with a lower cost of delivery, equivalent or improved patient outcomes, and an increased level of patient satisfaction. Developed by an experienced team of renowned physicians, physical therapists, technologists and health care professionals, Anamatix has created the next generation of eHealth clinical care.

Anamatix's solution is built upon our ability to dramatically improve three fundamental areas of the current treatment paradigm at reduced cost to all stakeholders:


Currently, musculoskeletal care is constrained by the assumption that care must be provided in a dedicated facility—an assumption that drives increased costs. Anamatix removes this limitation and expense by dramatically expanding the options related to where, when and how treatment will be successfully completed.


Traditionally, care has been managed by clinicians—even if the treatment was standard or repetitive—which has been an inefficient and costly approach to standard musculoskeletal care. Anamatix extends and leverages these valuable provider resources by offering evaluation, assessments, individualized care plans, education, and follow-up—at significantly lower cost.

Cost Drivers

Continued treatment equates to continued expense, creating a dysfunctional relationship between expanded treatment and cost control. Anamatix dismantles this increased treatment-increased cost relationship by enabling stakeholders to offer and patients to receive unlimited assessment, treatment, and education services for a fixed monthly cost.

Anamatix – Changing the Game

Anamatix's patented musculoskeletal care system advances the current health care paradigm – consistent, personalized, accessible, clinical care is offered on a flexible, user-dictated schedule and at a tremendous cost savings with enhanced compliance and patient outcomes.
"Anamatix was designed to improve health across the continuum of wellness, disease management and physical rehabilitation programs by providing cost effective prescription, treatment, compliance and outcome management to all health care stakeholders." Paul Christensen D.P.T.,
O.C.S., A.T.C.
Vice President Clinical
Development, Co-founder