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Integrated Solutions for Musculoskeletal Care


One Powerful Online Clinical Care Solution. Many eHealth Applications.

Innovative eHealth Clinical Care

Anamatix’s eHealth technology provides an extremely cost-effective alternative to high-priced traditional treatment for musculoskeletal issues related to wellness, rehabilitation, chronic care, and disease management. This highly efficient and cost-effective web-based, clinical care solution offers benefits across the entire spectrum of health care stakeholders: Providers, Payers, Employers, Health Care Web Portals, and Consumers.

Each of these segments benefits from Anamatix’s ability to transform the fundamental paradigm of care for rehabilitation, post-rehabilitation, disease management and wellness—from the traditional location-specific and provider-centric care model to a ubiquitous, fixed-cost treatment approach that defines the next generation of clinical patient centered care.

Simply put, Anamatix has optimized the overall continuum of care—making it more cost-effective than ever before.

The Benefits of Next Generation Web-Based Clinical Care:

For Payers
The use of Anamatix’s clinical care solution allows payers to reduce costs, while providing an enhanced level of care, convenience, and efficiency. This opportunity comes from Anamatix’s ability to: manage costs through visit reduction and improved resource utilization; mitigate risk by providing consistent evaluation, care and documentation; enhance compliance though communication tools and utilization monitoring; and increase patient and provider satisfaction by implementing an effective and efficient clinical care solution.

For Health Care Providers
Providers can leverage and extend their clinical capacity by using Anamatix to enhance patient-directed care and continued independent treatment including: patient education, personalized home evaluation and treatment plans, ongoing communication and coaching and other routine and repetitive clinical activities.

For Health Care Web Portals
Anamatix allows health portals to expand their capabilities beyond content into the clinical realm of sophisticated assessments and clinical treatment plans for musculoskeletal care. As an innovative solution, Anamatix gives health portal and content providers a major point of differentiation, which can have a positive impact on both customer acquisition and retention. At the same time, Anamatix serves as a potential revenue generator with new service offerings and cost management tools by expanding the efficiency of current coaching and support resources.

For Employers
Anamatix enables organizations to increase employee satisfaction, decrease costs, and control absences through more effective management of musculoskeletal wellness, injury prevention, and treatment. The flexible and user-centric design enables employees to reduce the time and productivity lost due to needed care, and provides enhanced return-to-work programs and overall wellness-driven reductions in insurance premiums.

For Consumers
Patients, members and consumers benefit from Anamatix’s ability to reduce costs through reduced deductible payments, co-pays, travel, caregiver expense and lost time from work. Anamatix also offers the convenience and flexibility of a web-based solution that reduces reliance upon professional care visits and allows integrated care from wellness and rehabilitation through disease management.