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Integrated Solutions for Musculoskeletal Care


Our Solution: Comprehensive, Convenient and Compliant

Anamatix’s comprehensive clinical care solution offers all the routine assessments and interventions currently provided by health care professionals in the care of the musculoskeletal system within rehabilitation, disease management and wellness, except for specialized clinical tests, physical therapy modalities and manual therapy. And as a web-based solution, Anamatix is also able to go beyond traditional rehabilitation offerings—providing users with consistent functional evaluation and care, ongoing compliance through customization and progression programs, and efficient treatment available 24/7 from virtually any location.

Anamatix is a robust solution that includes:

Patented Assessment Technology

Anamatix has obtained 24 patents for its on-line patient assessment and care plan technology. Our approach combines online musculoskeletal assessments with evaluation scales and clinically accepted post-surgical protocols to create treatment/progression plans that are personalized for each patient.

Care Plan Creation Technology

Based on a patient’s online musculoskeletal assessment, and combined with clinical assessments, Anamatix automatically selects the appropriate exercise routines and generates a customized exercise program that is available to the patient through streaming video over the Internet or a private network. The programs may be customized by the provider, coach, or end-user to further address the individual needs of the participant.

Clinical Assessments and Progress Reports

Anamatix offers musculoskeletal wellness, pain and depression assessments that provide a baseline and ongoing status for patients in the areas of musculoskeletal wellness, pain levels (Oswestry Assessment), depression levels (Zung-MSPQ), and functional capacity. Anamatix reporting capabilities can be used to create descriptive, numerical, trending and graphical reports supporting in-depth outcome and trend analysis. Together, these assessments and reports provide an ongoing picture of patient progression and program efficacy, which can maximize the cost-effectiveness of treatment and the overall program.

Treatment, Exercise and Educational Videos

The Anamatix solution includes a comprehensive library of treatments based on specific phases of rehabilitation or specific goals. More than 800 patient education and rehabilitative exercise "segments" cover a broad range of patient presentations and clinician philosophies.

Comprehensive Clinician Back Office

A built-in clinician interface provides reporting tools and patient management features, including: assessment status and results summaries; treatment progression monitoring; a patient communication and follow-up capability with a secure utility for reminders, queries, education, and follow-up; and an integrated calendaring system.