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Integrated Solutions for Musculoskeletal Care


Cost-Saving Implementations with Patient-Responsible Care

Anamatix's sophisticated technology offers a broad array of implementation strategies, which reduce costs and increase patient compliance. Examples of implementation strategies applicable to payers, employers, health management portals, providers, and members/consumers include:

Rehabilitation Visit Reduction

In musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Anamatix can be used to create plan modifications specific to the number of rehabilitation therapy visits allowed per incident, per patient. When used as a required part of any rehabilitation program, particularly for standardized and repetitive treatment, Anamatix reduces the number of therapist visits, while still achieving equivalent or even improved outcomes. By eliminating even one visit per incident through patient home rehabilitation, stakeholders can recognize significant savings.

Portal-based Clinical eHealth Application

Anamatix enables any health management portal to become a web-based clinical treatment solution that assesses, creates treatment plans, and tracks musculoskeletal health status, and also provides cost-efficiency, a competitive differentiator and a potential revenue stream.

Remote Clinical Coaching/Support System

Utilizing Anamatix in conjunction with live coaching/clinical support resources creates a powerful and cost-effective blend of technology and clinical resources that provides remote support for patients. Anamatix can be used for remote assessment and treatment in rural or eldercare settings, or as a way to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of wellness, rehabilitation or disease management programs.

Musculoskeletal Wellness System

Anamatix enhances the process of patient self-management by migrating end-users away from the costly "medically-based" solution toward independent musculoskeletal wellness. Anamatix's Wellness Tool Kit allows providers and payers to create customized patient assessments specific to a particular disease, payer, or protocol.

Chronic Pain Management Gatekeeper

Anamatix can be implemented as "gate keeper" to additional services or procedures for chronic pain patients, helping to drive treatment progression. Payers, employers, and providers seeking to control costs and enhance patient satisfaction can utilize Anamatix to help break the chain of medical solution dependency.

Optional "Self-Directed Care" Plans

Anamatix's highly cost-efficient, technology-based solution supports a "self-directed" patient care paradigm that enables payers, employers, and providers to create a new class of reduced-cost coverage. As a plan option, Anamatix enables members to reduce premiums by opting to use self-directed, technology-based treatment.

Payer Provided Cost/Time Management Tool

In today's pay-for-performance or capitated health care environment, Anamatix enables payers to improve the situation for individual providers by allowing them to offer system-based versus clinician-based assessment, treatment, and education—significantly reducing the cost and time providers have to invest in routine care. The individual provider and payer also gain a highly effective tool that allows proactive outcomes management.

Consumer Self-Directed Care - Reducing Patient Costs

Anamatix is an eHealth clinical solution that offers consumers an alternative to traditional physical therapist visits—eliminating the cost of co-pays, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses for roughly the cost of a single visit co-pay. Yet, the consumer gets the same quality assessments, treatment plans, education, and follow-up with far greater consistency, convenience and flexibility.