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Integrated Solutions for Musculoskeletal Care


Consumers: Save Time and Money

Patients and consumers use Anamatix to decrease costs associated with deductibles, co-pays, and lost time from work by directly accessing rehabilitation activities and reducing the need to interact with a health care provider. Anamatix's time-efficient approach reduces reliance upon professional care visits for standardized programs, thereby reducing the time spent getting to, waiting for, and participating in scheduled sessions. By providing patients with continued access to information and enabling them to perform their treatment protocol anytime, anywhere, Anamatix improves patient convenience and compliance, while providing consistent evaluation, care and progression assisting consumers in a wide spectrum of concerns from general wellness, through specific issues such as fall prevention and chronic low back pain.

A Range of Benefits:

Reduce Costs and Increase Convenience and Availability

  • Anamatix's interactive media-based patient directed care allows patients to continue and excel in their treatment protocol without leaving their home or office, offering convenience and significant savings in time, co-pays, and potential lost wages and productivity.
  • Anamatix's time-efficient approach minimizes reliance upon professional care visits, reducing the time spent getting to, waiting for, and participating in scheduled appointments.
  • By providing unlimited utilization for one low monthly fee, Anamatix eliminates the conflict for patients between increased cost of care and receiving increased care.

Achieve Consistent Evaluation, Personalized Care and Treatment

  • Patient care programs can be viewed in real time, as often as necessary, for convenient, accessible care that promotes patient independence and self-directed care.
  • Anamatix's patented functional assessment software and extensive library of interactive video treatment protocols ensure consistent evaluation and care.
  • Proper progression is assured by functional assessments which serve as a treatment progression monitor, allowing patients to receive the appropriate intensity and type of movement program, based upon current ability.
  • Flexibility is provided by allowing a patient to use a standard program or customize it to their needs, based on the type of exercise equipment available.
  • Anamatix provides general wellness information, including information on specific body areas, daily living activities, and musculoskeletal education for everyday living.