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Integrated Solutions for Musculoskeletal Care


Expanding Health Care Portals' Offerings

Anamatix empowers Health Care Portals, Health Care Content Providers, and Other Payer Support Companies to expand their capabilities by providing detailed and sophisticated musculoskeletal assessments and clinical treatment plans for musculoskeletal care as part of physical medicine, disease management, or wellness offerings.

In addition to serving as a competitive differentiator and client retention tool, Anamatix also offers an opportunity to provide a new level of web-based clinical applications for musculoskeletal care—providing both ongoing clinical assessment capabilities and true clinical-care plans.

Anamatix Provides a Range of Benefits:

Operational Efficiencies and Cost Savings
Anamatix reduces costs by offering a tool that leverages and expands the capability of existing coaching and support resources. Anamatix provides clinical-level assessment technology that gives coaches consistent and detailed assessments, individualized treatment plans, progression monitoring, and a member communications utility, all of which allow coaches and support personnel to expand the number of members they support, while providing an even higher level of interaction and feedback and increasing patient compliance.

Competitive Differentiator
Anamatix's clinical capabilities, patented assessment technology, and integrated outcome reporting all provide a significant competitive advantage to health care portals and health care content sites by offering eHealth, clinical solutions.

Service Expansion and Client Retention Tool
Anamatix's web-based architecture offers unparalleled convenience, flexibility, availability and cost-savings to members, all of which will attract and keep members. Whether it is the simple convenience and flexibility of doing home-based assessment and treatment plans, or the cost-savings gained by members, Anamatix creates a whole new hook for health care portals or health care content sites.

Automated Clinical Coaching
When used in conjunction with the pool of clinical support resources, Anamatix creates a cost-effective and efficient blend of technology and live clinical resources that provides convenient support for patients. Anamatix can be implemented as part of physical medicine, disease management, or wellness coaching and support programs—significantly increasing the impact and outreach of a program and improving the quality and quantity of care.

Increasing Musculoskeletal Treatment, the Commonality of Care
Addressing disease states before they become chronic and expensive is a key focus for reducing health care costs. As a web-based clinical tool, Anamatix can provide objective and detailed functional capacity and treatment progression that can be incorporated into overall health assessment profiles and treatment plans that reduce cost structures across multiple disease states.