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Integrated Solutions for Musculoskeletal Care


Enhancing Provider Efficiency

Clinicians can leverage and extend clinical resources by using Anamatix to: provide accurate, real-time patient education, offer comprehensive easy-to-follow, personalized home treatment plans, and provide ongoing communication and coaching—all of which enable the patient to be more responsible for and compliant with continued independent treatment outside the clinical setting. Outcome reporting informs the provider of a patient’s current status, compliance, and progress; so the overall value of each provider visit is leveraged and enhanced through Anamatix's education, treatment plan creation, and reporting—minimizing the time a clinician spends on lower-value repetitive activities.

The efficiency provided through Anamatix allows providers to:

  • Effectively control costs
  • Increase patient retention and satisfaction
  • Compete for insurance contracts
  • Manage reimbursement under pay-for-performance agreements
  • Provide care while remaining under the Medicare capitation limitations.

Anamatix offers a Range of Benefits

Cost Reduction Tool
Providers are able to leverage and extend clinical resources and time by utilizing a sophisticated, customizable system that lengthens the clinician’s “therapeutic reach,” saving time by providing system-based treatment events. Providers can proactively optimize and track their outcomes, while reducing the cost of treatment.

Remote Clinical Support and Coaching System
When used by a clinician, Anamatix creates a cost-effective and efficient blend of technology and live clinical resources that provides remote support for patients. For example, Anamatix can be implemented in rural, senior care, or other unique health care situations in which patients cannot get to a clinic for traditional care; Anamatix can also be used to significantly increase the impact and outreach of a wellness or disease management program through remote coaching and patient contact, specifically in implementing rural healthcare solutions.

Practice Expansion
Utilizing Anamatix's comprehensive musculoskeletal wellness system, a clinician can expand their practice into the broader arena of overall musculoskeletal health and wellness. Clinicians can use Anamatix to define and deliver highly personalized exercise therapy, wellness, or fitness plans—thereby becoming a primary provider of a broad range of musculoskeletal health services.

Capitated Contract Management
As case rate and visit limitations become more prevalent across the payer landscape, utilizing Anamatix allows for reduced visits for equivalent outcomes by leveraging and extending existing clinicians/clinical resources—thereby reducing the effective cost-basis for treatment. This efficiency allows providers to effectively compete for insurance contracts and provide care, while remaining under the Medicare capitation limitations.

Expanded Patient Satisfaction
Adding Anamatix expands the educational resources available to patient and provider—spanning assessments, rehabilitation, and activities of daily living. Anamatix also establishes a continuing communication link between client and therapist, which can lead to future visits and services.