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Integrated Solutions for Musculoskeletal Care


Cost Control & Employee Satisfaction

Organizations can increase employee satisfaction, decrease costs, and control absences by more effective management of musculoskeletal wellness, injury prevention, and treatment. Anamatix’s flexible and user-centric design enables employees to reduce the time and productivity lost due to needed care, and provides enhanced return-to-work programs and overall wellness-driven reductions in insurance premiums. By utilizing Anamatix, companies have the potential to lower the number of insurance claims and days lost to injury, thereby reducing their overall health care costs, while improving worker productivity and corporate wellness.

In addition, Anamatix enables companies to demonstrate their interest in an injured employee’s well-being by providing a sophisticated—and immediate—wellness and rehabilitation program to help them recover from an injury and prevent future occurrences.

Control Insurance Costs

  • Reduce costs through decreased claims, lower rehabilitation costs and lower related premiums by using Anamatix to provide system-based treatment events, instead of those that are clinician-based.
  • Benefit from objective evaluation and guide return to activity/work progression by prescribing such guidance on specific results of tests, which measure an individual’s functional capacity.

Productivity Savings with Employee Satisfaction

  • Anamatix’s time-efficient approach minimizes reliance upon professional care visits, reducing the time it takes to get to, wait for and spend in scheduled appointments. As a web-based clinical care solution, Anamatix enables employees to continue and excel in their treatment protocol without leaving their home or office—offering convenience, as well as significant savings in time and productivity and becoming an integral component of an absence management program.
  • Anamatix reduces visits and the management of care on a periodic schedule, enabling patients to use their time to monitor their status and progress without clinical interaction.