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Integrated Solutions for Musculoskeletal Care


Advancing Disease Management and Chronic Care

Anamatix addresses the tremendous costs related to diabetes, hypertension, chronic low-back pain, osteoporosis, and many other disease states by providing a framework for a cost-effective approach to monitoring, managing, and migrating patients to an independent, self-management program. While there is no silver bullet, a combined resistance and exercise program can create improvements in BMI, resting metabolic rate, exercise tolerance and functional mobility—resulting in effective cost-management.

In diabetes management, exercise intervention can aid in prevention by delaying or halting the development of the disease and preventing disabilities in people who have symptomatic disease.  

As an online clinical care solution, Anamatix provides features and functions specifically designed to support a disease management program. These include:

Low Cost Patient-Directed Care

By design, Anamatix creates an environment in which the end-user becomes a responsible, proactive participant in their own care, rather than passively waiting for the medical system to take care of them. Anamatix integrates the end-user directly into a consistent evaluation and treatment program by allowing them to continually and conveniently review their activities, current status, and the progression needed for optimal compliance and outcomes. The result is clinical efficacy with a positive user experience and low cost, patient-directed care.

Cost-Effective Support Link

Anamatix provides a complete provider/patient communication utility, which includes messaging, email and text message alerts, reminders, and a full calendaring system for goals, objectives, and updates that supports patient compliance and satisfaction. Available activity reports, outcome documentation, treatment progression reports, and provider-initiated reminders serve as a powerful compliance process to keep patients on track toward a rapid and successful outcome. Anamatix supports a broad range of communication options that build confidence and mitigate fear, thereby helping chronic care patients to gain independence—all at a fraction of the cost of office visits or phone calls.

Extending the “Clinic at Home” Experience

Anamatix improves the quality and quantity of care by allowing patients to perform self-assessments at home and receive direct, quantifiable progress feedback with personalized exercise care plans, just as they would in a typical clinical setting. This increased availability, convenience and flexibility translates directly to greater compliance. When used by a clinician, Anamatix creates a cost-effective and efficient blend of technology and live clinical resources that provides remote support for patients. Anamatix can be implemented in rural, senior care, or other unique health care situations in which patients cannot get to a clinic for traditional care; Anamatix can also be used as a way to significantly increase the impact and outreach of a wellness or disease management program through remote coaching and patient contact.

Comprehensive Treatment Options

As a web-based clinical care solution, Anamatix includes a comprehensive library of treatments based on specific disease states. Our video library of patient education and exercise "segments" covers a broad range of patient presentations and clinician philosophies—all based on prevention, injuries and specific disease states linked to specific goals, muscle movements and equipment available. The library includes over 800 informational video segments that cover: treatment precautions, management of daily activities, patient education, and more than 250 standard exercise regimes.

Musculoskeletal Education = Success

Anamatix provides preventative, disease management, and general wellness information for the musculoskeletal system, covering: body mechanics (lifting, body positioning, protection, etc), stretching, and musculoskeletal education for everyday living (getting into/out of your car, carrying and lifting household objects, performing household duties safely, etc).

Integrated Health Status Assessments

Plan administrators and providers can modify and enhance their chronic care and pain management program to meet their specific needs and those of their patients, further enhancing efficacy and the cost-effectiveness of the program. These standardized assessments are all part of our online solution, which allows providers and program administrators to measure program efficacy and patient progress.