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Integrated Solutions for Musculoskeletal Care


Improving Wellness Programs

Anamatix is transforming musculoskeletal wellness. Our web-based solution offers a combination of powerful features and functions specifically designed to support and improve wellness management programs. These include:

Musculoskeletal Wellness Assessment

Robust assessment capabilities provide an objective evaluation of musculoskeletal wellness. Our detailed assessment process can be used to determine and classify a patient’s current state of musculoskeletal health and cardiovascular fitness, providing both baseline and progression information for an integrated wellness program.

Automated Exercise Program Creation

Anamatix generates a customized wellness exercise program for a patient based on their General Musculoskeletal Wellness Assessment. These programs can be customized by the provider, wellness coach, or patient to further address the individual needs of the participant.

Wellness Assessments & Progress Reports

This information can ensure that providers and workplace wellness program administrators have a clear picture of user progression and program efficacy on a continual basis, allowing them to maximize the cost-effectiveness of both treatment and the overall musculoskeletal wellness program.

Provider/Patient Communication Utility

Program effectiveness and compliance is greatly improved by providing direct communication between provider and patient. Real-time reminders and visual reinforcement of exercises and prevention methods create positive changes in member/end-user behavior.

Musculoskeletal Wellness Education

Anamatix provides rehabilitation and general wellness information for each musculoskeletal area it covers, including: body mechanics, stretching, and musculoskeletal education for everyday living. This material encourages end-user self-management and responsibility, significantly reducing the cost of care for consumers and corporate wellness programs.

Customized Wellness Assessments

Anamatix enables plan administrators and providers to modify and enhance their musculoskeletal wellness programs to meet their needs and those of their employees and members—further enhancing the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the program. A Wellness Tool Kit allows providers, coaches, or institutions to create customized assessments specific to a particular disease, institution, return-to-work program, provider, or protocol.